Affiliate Partners

Elverston, LLC provides specialized strategic consulting and will also recommend experts in other areas of focus.  Find information here about affiliate partners with links to their websites. 

Mindy Rector Consulting

Partnering with clients to produce new ideas, develop effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions.  Mindy's expertise is in customer and employee processes, omni-channel and store customer experience, and providing technology and long term strategy recommendations that facilitate outcomes essential to long-term expansion and revenue growth.

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i2i Labs

i2i Labs is a technology services company who helps enterprises research and test emerging tech in the fields of retail, consumer goods, and supply chain. Their research, curation, and accreditation model allows them to filter through the vast technology ecosystem to find relevant external partners. Their physical lab helps reduce many of the “smoke-and-mirrors” scenarios that surface when relying solely on PowerPoint and video conferencing demos.

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Step One HR

Willa Ball assists businesses in taking steps towards stronger productivity and profitability by expanding knowledge of fundamental and strategic human resources concepts and best practices; by reducing risk and gaining confidence in employment practices and decision making; and by developing strategies for sustainable solutions that drive desired growth.

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