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When Traditional Simply Isn't Working

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Background and Way Forward

Over two decades of retail operational and asset protection leadership experience at the world's largest retailer.  When innovative, non-traditional thinking is the order of the day....  


Recognizing the shortage of innovative solutions in the retail space, Elverston, LLC was founded with the spirit and vision that change is not only necessary, but integral to the progressive future of retail asset protection strategies worldwide.  With a broad range of experience defined by routine engagement with academic research institutions, small and nimble technology companies, think tanks and other atypical sources of innovation, Elverston, LLC offers a very different perspective.


Founded exclusively to help guide and coach senior leaders faced with today's challenges of finding and successfully implementing progressive, customer-friendly solutions.  Expertise includes disruptive, non-traditional technology integration, large scale development and implementation, technology identification and refinement, and risk mitigation of broader customer-facing solutions.

News and Updates

PERFORM Alliance

PERFORM Alliance, Mindy Rector, Mindy Rector Consulting, Walmart Consultants, Retail Experts

In October, we launched PERFORM Alliance.  Created out of 20 years of collaboration, across multiple strategies and disciplines, a strategic alliance provides a way for Elverston, LLC and Mindy Rector Consulting to bring together different yet complimentary skills to provide capabilities and expertise to transform processes and strategies to help our clients. 

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